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“Congratulations on being named one of Houston’s ultimates.”


Jeffrey D. Cohen, Editor, Houston Chronicle, 2007

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"…for 20 outstanding years of continuous contributions to Houston’s cultural scene.”


Annise D. Parker, Mayor of the City of Houston, 2015


In addition to 'Get Out and Dance' we will be hosting regular classes for those who desire to have continuity in their skills. Schedule is here below:

BEG - 1          Thu     7:00 - 8:00 PM      Jan 26 - Feb 16   

INT / ADV     Tue     7:00 - 8:00 PM      Jan 24 - Feb 14    

     Cycle consists of four 1 hour classes (4 weeks) 


Cost: $60 per person 




All group classes held at:

Judson Robinson Jr. Community Center

2020 Hermann Dr

Houston, TX 77004


1 hr @ $75.00

5 hrs @ $350.00

10 hrs @ $650.00

Schedule and location will be arranged between teacher and student(s)



BEGINNER 1 - Basic steps, turns and patterns; introduction to body movement; introduction to partner dancing, leading and following techniques. 

Prerequisites: None, for people with no experience

BEGINNER 2 - Complex basic steps and patterns, body movement, partner work, and dance technique. 

Prerequisites: Beginner I or previous dance experience

INTERMEDIATE 1 - Double handed patterns, footwork, intro to musicality and styling, more body movement, partner work and technique.
Prerequisites: Beginner II or instructor's permission or previous dance experience

INTERMEDIATE 2 - Complex double handed patterns, floor craft (how not to run yourself or your partner into other people), intro to shines, more styling and musicality.
Prerequisites: Intermediate I or instructor's permission

INTERMEDIATE 3 - Continuation of intermediate II, intense floor craft exercises and introduction to developing your own style (no one should look the same when dancing!).
Prerequisites: Intermediate II or instructor's permission

ADVANCED 1 - Intro to movement and rhythmical improvisation, extensive work on styling, long and complex patterns, more musicality and floor craft.
Prerequisites: Intermediate III or instructor's permission

ADVANCED 2 - Continuous class emphasis on complex patterns, improvisation, interpretation, styling, movement, and more.
Prerequisites: Previous Advanced class or instructor's permission

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